Arend Bruijn

Arend Bruijn


“Every story is like a little world with it’s own rules. It is my job to absorb everything from this world and transform it into a score that not only fits, but elevates the whole story.”


Polar Breeze


A commercial for Polar Breeze, start making memories.

Red Giant


A visual spectacle on the final stage of an evolutionary process. In Red Giant we follow the Earth to the centre of our galaxy. Guided by the laws of nature we are on our way to the ultimate confrontation.



A commercial for Stegeman. Meat, slowly grilled for an extra robust taste. A sandwich with fire and flames!


Short film

A short buddy, comedy adventure about two friends that try to explain to their employer why they were too late for work: there is a zombie apocalypse outside.



Op een eenzaam schip, midden in de Noordzee, zijn veertien mannen een maand lang op elkaar aangewezen. Een film over het gemis van een vrouw in een mannenmicrokosmos.

Hoofd vol dromen


Anne Fee (10) forms a band with her mentally disabled housemates to perform at the neighbourhood BBQ. While writing a song about their future dreams, they wonder how very different their will futures be…

Februari hymne

Short film

The inhabitants of a small village become curious when a mysterious circus arrives. The daily preoccupations make place for new ideas and expectations for the future.

Pertazza Coffee


A commercial for Pertazza, real Italian coffee. Do not settle for bad coffee at work!


Short film

In our society, where self-fulfillment seems to have become an obligation, identical twin sisters enter a retreat in search for their own selves.

Beste Vrienden

Short film

Ferry and Robert have been best friends since the beginning of their life’s. Robert slowly changes into a zombie after he gets himself into trouble. The big question is: is their friendship strong enough to last?



A live DJ set that mixes techno, minimal and film music in a concert setting. A stage filled with percussion and synthesizers, 75 minutes of music, in one of the worlds most beautiful concert halls. Join the playground.


Born in 1990 in the Netherlands, Arend Bruijn is a Dutch composer specialized in music for film, television, video games, concerts and other music related projects. After graduating as a classical percussionist at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, he studied Composing for Film at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and the Dutch Film Academy.

Arend wants his music to tell a story. He combines his classical craftsmanship with the curiosity to always explore and discover new sounds, instruments, technologies, styles and ways to tell a story. He is not afraid to emphasize or even strengthen what’s already there. But sometimes a more subtle approach is used wherein music has a more supporting role and tries to understate the narrative instead of overplaying it. Stylistically Arend’s music covers a broad spectrum: From full orchestral scores to electronic synthesizers to intimate guitar pieces and everything in between.


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